Cover image for Paper: This really lets us see the entire world: Designing a conversational telepresence robot for homebound older adults
Conversational telepresence robot, Homebound older adults
(DIS 2024)
Cover image for Paper: Investigating Day-to-day Experiences with Conversational Agents by Users with Traumatic Brain Injury
Conversational Agents, People with TBI
(ASSETS 2023)
Cover Image for Paper: Polite or Direct? Conversation Design of a Smart Display for Older Adults Based on Politeness Theory
Conversation Design, Politeness Theory
(CHI 2022)
Cover Image for Extended Abstract: A Pilot Study of Patients’ Self-disclosure and Privacy Concerns to a Conversational Social Robot in Hospitals
Conversation Design, Social Robots
(ICA 2022)
Cover Image for Paper: Exploring the Role of Social Robot Behaviors in a Creative Activity
Social Robots, Creativity Support
(DIS 2021)
Cover Image for Section: Multimedia Art Work
Cover Image for Section: Painting and Drawing
Painting / Drawing
Cover Image for Section: Art History Writing
Art History